Month: March 2018

“I didn’t complete a medical residency; what career options exist?”

If You Didn’t Complete a Medical Residency, Career Options Still Exist If you did not complete a medical residency, or obtain board certification, you are not alone. This is a very common situation, and there are a multitude of opportunities awaiting you. A List Won’t Help You But the question “What jobs are available for doctors who have not completed residency” is not the best question to ask to begin moving forward towards a new medical career. It isn’t the best question, because the answer to the question is a list. A list won’t help you for several reasons,...

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Do you think patients contribute to physician burnout?

A colleague (Lori K. Rogers, M.D., New Orleans), recently mentioned this to me: “I’ve been thinking about my father’s career. The man was in a solo general surgery practice, and worked all the time. There were many years when he took only a single week off for vacation. But, interestingly, he was never burned out. I am thinking hard on that, trying to figure out how he wasn’t burned out, wondering if he had some secret-sauce!“ Physician Burn-out is Becoming Prevalent As I considered possible differences in the practice of medicine then, compared to now, to explain why physician...

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