Month: January 2017

Welcome to My New Website

Welcome to My New Website Welcome to my new website, designed with YOU in mind. You are glad you are a doctor, but want more out of your career. Some doctors seek more money, or more free time. Others have always wanted to write a book, or travel, or start a business. Perhaps you are burned out or have a condition that will no longer make if feasible to continue your practice. Whatever the situation may be, YOU are on a quest to discover career options and learn how to make a career change happen. You need information and...

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Consider a Consulting Career

Consider Starting a Consulting Business One of the best non-clinical opportunities available to physicians is to start a consulting business. Your knowledge, both medical and non-medical, combined with your unique experiences and personality gives you the credentials and expertise to become a consultant. Consult on what, you ask? Crafting an idea can take some time, and is really quite fun. There is an art to combining your interests and skills with market research to create a niche. That topic is outside the scope of this blog. For now, just know that infinite possibilities exist, and that you can get...

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Physician Career Change – I Can Help

Physician Career Change – I Can Help Once you decide to start the journey towards a career transition, there are several ways to get started. First, you can map out your trip alone. You are a doctor; you are smart. You can figure out how to make a career change as you go along. The second option is to attend the SEAK Non Clinical Careers Conference in October, located in Chicago. There, you can attend lectures, speak to mentors (I will be there!), and attend workshops (including the one where I teach the secrets of networking). Your third option...

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New Year’s Resolutions for Physicians, Made Easy!

New Year’s Resolutions for Physicians, Made Easy! Somewhere along the path of my medical career, I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions. Like all busy doctors in practice, I didn’t have time to put much thought into it. The obvious things that came to mind like “Get more sleep, exercise, spend more time with the kids” had been on my list forever and I hadn’t made progress. Printing those things in black and white just made my failure more obvious and made me feel guilty. Gigantic projects like “find a new career” were daunting. The whole exercise seemed pointless, because...

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